Top 10 best professions with highest salary and amazing job outlook

Did you know that there are many different ways to increasing your salary? The first thing I wanted to talk about is the average salary of an employee makes in the Unites states. This varies significantly depending on age and also education of the employee. The current minimum wage is about $7.25 a hour, which makes a minimum full time wage employee makes about $15,000 a year as their salary. That is actually not a lot at all when you think about the cost of living, food, medical, education, and any other type of expenses. This type of salary is just barely enough to get by.

The next important thing to think about is education and how it can effect your salary. Now people with some type of college degree can count of making double then what a person with a GED or high school diploma would. This would be about $40,000 a year starting with an associates degree and the more college education the more money relatively speaking. With no education you can count on minimum wages and long hard work hours. Normally you find a lot of people working at McDonalds or some other fast food business because that is all they can qualify for.

Now a great way to increase your salary is having good work experience. If you do not have any work experience and you go to apply for a job, most likely you wont even get a call back from the employer and someone else with experience will secure the job. Do not be let down though, there are plenty of ways to gain work experience. Going to some type of technical school or college will greatly increase the chance of finding a good paying job and increasing your salary. There all also programs called apprenticeships or internships that train peoples entering certain fields whether they have certain qualifications or not. Even if you do not have any education or work experience it’s always good to start a step one and obtain your GED.

The last thing I would like to cover are the character traits that can help improve your salary potential. These traits are who you are, what experience do have, your personality, how well you work with others or under pressure, are you a fast learner or not, what do you have that can possibly help contribute to the employer. Remember they do not necessary need you, you need them so you have to show them skills and qualifications others might not have to ensure you get that good paying job and increase your salary.